Ocean Signal AIS Transceiver, Class A

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AIS Class A Transceiver with full colour, 7" LCD display is fully compliant for use at sea and inland waterways.

Compact single unit solution with full colour display

Colour coastline map

Compliant with EU Inland Waterways standard

Radar and Target list displays

Selectable chart orientation

Incoming message & alarm display

Alarm output for AIS SART, MOB and EPIRB detection

Surace mount and bracket mount options

Supplied with GPS antenna

Continuous self testing with alarm notifications

Simple to use

Message sending functionality

Compliant to regulations

WiFi and USB interfaces for PC & tablet connection

Pilot plug

Waterproof to IPx7

Isolated alarm relay contacts

Programmable for up to 30 MOB units

Simple installation


The ATA100 AIS Transponder is a fully compliant Class A transceiver designed to complement the existing range of maritime safety equipment from Ocean Signal. Used as an aid to collision-avoidance, the ATA100 combines the trusted technology and fluid product design that have become synonymous with Ocean Signal products.

The compact, single unit solution is capable of exchanging dynamic and static ship data with other AIS systems.  Real time marine traffic information is continously interpreted using a powerful internal processing engine and displayed on a 7" full-colour, rapid-response LCD.  The coastline mad view and radar view have verious orientation display options allowing for user preferences whilst a standard target list display gives immediate detailed listings of nearby vessels which can be sorted to the owner's desire.

The AIS message sending functionality is simple to use, ensuring safety related messages can be quickly delivered or received by the user with very little effort. An instant message and alarm function provides immediate notificatio of any potential problems or hazards including the deployment of Ocean Signal's MOB1, the owrld's smallest Man Overboard AIS/DSC device.  It is also compatible with all other AIS Man Overboard devices including ACR's AIS Link MOB.

Dynamic data such as location, speed over ground and course over ground is calculated automatically sing the integrated 99-channel GPS receiver, while the static and voyage related data such as MMSi, call sign and name, type of ship, destination, ETA etc is easily programmed into the AIS transponder via a user-friendly menu interface.

This single unit solution to meet AIS requirements ensures a minimal use of bridge space and its surface of free standing mounting options allow for easy installation into almost any position or location.  It also includes mulpiple connectivity options including WiFi, USB port, serial and Pilot plug.

The ATA100 AIS Transponder Class A unit from Ocean Signal meets the requirements of the EU MED (Wheelmark) Directive and USCG/FCC regulations.

It also complies with the EU Inland Waterways standard, adminstered by the CCNR.